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104 – Lies in The Sky! The Balloon Hoaxes of 1844 and 2009

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Today's episode takes us on a high-flying adventure as we delve into two infamous balloon hoaxes that took place over a century apart: Edgar Allen Poe’s Balloon Hoax of 1844 and the Balloon Boy Hoax of 2009. From the pages of the New York Sun to the ...

103 – The Kybalion

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Get your robes and that old pharaoh costume you bought while drunk at Spirit Halloween that one time, because today we're talking about one of the, unfortunately, most well known books in the entire spooky pantheon: The Kybalion. Check any reddit thr...

102 – The Devil’s Rainmaker and the Mississippi Water Witch

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On this very wet edition of the Nonsense Bazaar, we’ll dive into the stories of two rainmakers: Don Decker, a man allegedly possessed by the devil who gained the ability to make it rain following a death in the family, and Lillie Stoat, the elderly M...