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21 – Connor Murphy

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We take a look at the strange, strange trajectory on which a young man named Connor Murphy is currently hurling himself. After becoming a genuine sensation on YouTube for his bodybuilding videos and videos where he takes his shirt off at girls, Connor lo...

20 -The Count of St. Germain

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We look into the life, afterlife, and after-afterlife of one of the great weirdos of history: the Count of St. Germain. Known only by this title, the mysterious count was a staple of the royal courts of Europe during the 1700s. Seemingly never aging, wit...

19 – The Lacerta Files

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It's time for reptilians, the secret history of the world, and what really happened to the dinosaurs! This week we're looking at the "Lacerta Files", a recently re-surfaced series of interviews from 1999 between one intrepid Swede and reptilian ...

16 – Upton Sinclair’s Nonsense Hour

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Upton Sinclair was one of the first "muckraking" journalists of the 20th century. But we're not really talking about that part. Instead we're mostly focusing on Mental Radio, a book detailing Upton and his wife, Mary's investigations into psychic phenome...

15 – Neville Goddard

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This week we learn about Neville Goddard, the Mad Mystic of 48th street, who lectured mid-20th century on the power of "mental causation" and the God of the Christian Bible being nothing more than an extended metaphor for your own wonderful, human imagin...