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142 – Creature Feature: Water Monsters

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Admit it, there aren’t nearly enough creatures in your life. Weird creatures, cute creatures, mean creatures, there’s a whole wide world of creatures out there. And today we’re talking about three of them. And with a subtitle like “Water Monsters,” you might be thinking we’re talking mythical beasts, Nessie’s or Champ’s or the Kraken. Nope. We’re talking real live creatures, but these dudes are most certainly monsters. In this episode, we talk about three animals each with attributes that most certainly qualify them as monsters (especially considering the etymological root of “monster” that Willow digs up), the electric eel, the Greenland shark, and the mimic octopus. Why those three? Because they’re sweet as hell, that’s why. Good creatures, the lot of ’em. 


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