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Need to make the mind destroying awfulness of Project Monarch go down a little smoother? Try Project Monarch Bingo! Play along with us as you listen to #56 – Project Monarch Part II: Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory. From evil jesuits to nazis and hunting humans for sport, it’s fun for... Read More

32 – The Case of the Psychic Catfish

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This week we're looking at one of the flat-out weirdest things we've ever come across. A 2016 episode of MTV's "Catfish".  A Kentucky woman named Kayla is contacted by a woman in Florida who says she's been having regular conversations with Kayla's fathe...

30 – Da Vid Raphael & The Light Party: A Case Study

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This week we're taking a look at one of America's great traditions: the write-in presidential candidate. In this case, it's five-time presidential write-in candidate for The Light Party Da Vid Raphael, the Limberbutt McCubbins of the Ascended Master Teac...

29 – The Ashtar Command

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In 1977, a mysterious voice took over the TV news broadcast across southern England. This voice claimed to be Vrilon of the Ashtar Command, a group of higher dimensional beings which include Lord Sananda (space Jesus) and Ashtar Sheran, and serve as the ...

28 – The Halloween Spooky Spectacular

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It's Halloween! We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to have some fun and do some weird stuff. On this episode we take a look at a collection of internet rituals for the sole purpose of making weird stuff happen, Willow legitimat...