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146 – Parapsychology & The Rhine Research Center

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Ever wondered if your mind can do more than ruin your life? Did you know at one time you could get a degree in  ESP and psychokinesis? This week we're taking a broad overview of the real world of academic parapsychology. From the married-botanists-tu...

145 – Ambien

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What do you get when you cross sleeping pills with the tail end of the LSD molecule? Ambien! The miracle cure for insomnia taken by millions of Americans every year that definitely doesn't make your entire frontal lobe completely vanish while the res...

144 – Terrence McKenna’s Timewave Zero

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Who among us hasn't had apocalyptic visions with a head full of mushrooms? Terrence sure did. This week we're looking at one of the pillars of the legendary psychedelic evangelist's cosmology: Timewave Zero. After Terrence McKenna and his brother Den...

143 – The Radioactive Boy Scout

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Who among us didn't have at least a touch of the mad scientist fantasy as a kid, right? Most of us, probably. And who among us failed to ever have anything come of it? Most of us, probably. Not David Hahn. David Hahn had himself a notion to build a f...

142 – Creature Feature: Water Monsters

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Admit it, there aren't nearly enough creatures in your life. Weird creatures, cute creatures, mean creatures, there's a whole wide world of creatures out there. And today we're talking about three of them. And with a subtitle like "Water Monsters," y...