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111 – Escape From Prison Planet

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We’ve all heard about the things that supposedly happen at the moment of death: the life review that flashes before your eyes, the tunnel of white light, etc etc. But what if all of that truly does happen except…it’s a trap. Meant to keep us stuck on...

110 – Jane Lead Part II: The Philadelphian Legacy

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Returning to our enlightening study on Jane Lead, today we’re delving into the pivotal years from her first vision in 1670 to her demise in 1704. We'll probe into how, as her physical sight failed, her spiritual visions proliferated, igniting both in...

Jane Lead, Prophetess of God Part I: The Mystic Awakens

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We’re turning back the hands of time to 17th-century England to learn about the eccentricities of post-Reformation life and Jane Lead's spiritual metamorphosis from rich girl to old blind weirdo. Learn how she journeyed from her Norfolk upbringing to...

108 – The Spiritual Alchemy of Rapunzel

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Join us as we embark on a spiritual exploration to discover what connects the tale of Rapunzel with the ancient tradition of alchemy. We’ll deconstruct the metaphorical tower and examine Rapunzel's encounters with the witch and prince as expressions ...

107 – Andrija Puharich Part III: Life Is Greasy Sometimes

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Roadworn and weary, battered and bruised, this week we're finishing the series that actually might have been trying to kill us. It's Andrija Puharich part III, and it is completely insane. We find the good doctor Puharich after the publication of his...