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06 – The Gateway Experience

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A mysterious declassified document on the CIA website details the government's investigation of The Monroe Institute's "Gateway Experience" program which purports to teach methods of astral projection, remote viewing, and "patterning" one's reality. Alon...

Ep 05 Honora Bowen

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We all know reality television is bad for the audience's brains, but what about the contestants themselves? In this episode, Willow brings in the untold story of one of the most notorious "villains" in reality television history and how the producers of ...

Ep 04 Biosphere Two Part II – Ecological Thing

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In the conclusion of our series on Biosphere two, we meet the eight people who lived inside the biosphere for two years during "mission one" and look at the absurd (and completely avoidable) struggles they faced inside, money-man Ed Bass realizes John Al...

Ep 03 Biosphere Two Part I—A Johnny Dolphin Production

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We begin our dive into the truly bizarre story of Biosphere 2, a three-acre mini-Earth in which eight theater nerds sealed themselves for two years in the early 90's. It didn't go great. While you may have heard of Biosphere 2, it's a solid bet that you'...

Ep 02 Procter & Gamble & Satan & U

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We take a look into one of the more ridiculous sagas of the "Satanic Panic" in which swaths of scared Christians somehow became convinced that the CEO of Procter and Gamble pledged eternal allegiance to Satan on a secret episode of the Phil Donahue show.