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49 – The Oneida Community Part III: Whoops, We’re a Sex Cult

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Concluding our series on the Oneida Community we finally find John Humphrey Noyes and the rest of all those sexy bible "communists" moving to Oneida, New York and setting up their utopian estate. Or is it a corporation? Or is it a sex cult? Whatever it i...

48 – The Oneida Community Part II: Like Sand Through The Hourglass

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It's an 1840's Quaker soap opera as we continue the story of the Oneida Community, the free love endorsin', romantic love despisin', silverware makin' (eventually, we promise, there will be forks) Perfectionist sex cult. This week we're taking a look at ...

47 – The Oneida Community Part I: Free Love and Bible Communism

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Have you ever wondered where your forks come from? Ever suspect they might come from a polyamorous, religious utopian commune in the mid 1800's? Or that your silverware might be the remaining legacy of hundred of self-described "Bible Communists" and the...

The State of The Union Bizarre 2022

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Just what exactly are we doing here? What is this? Who are we? Where have we been? And where are we going? This week we're taking a pause, taking a deep breath between two big miniseries to reflect on the weird world we've inadvertently found ourselves i...