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62 – Written By Artificial Intelligence

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We're doing something weird this week. With all the talk about artificial intelligence these days,(whether or not it's sentient, whether or not it will kill us all, and so on) we decided to explore the most important question we could possibly be asking:...

61 – Interlude: The UFOs Are Driving Us Insane

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This week we're doing one of those episodes where we take a deep breath and try to unpack an absurd rabbit hole we fell down. And by deep breath we mean breathless ranting about conspiracy theories and absolutely massacring facts. See, after our psychic ...

57 – America’s Psychic Spies Part I: C.I.A Man

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This week we're starting our series on the strange, absurd, and true story of Project Star Gate, the C.I.A. and D.I.A. program utilizing "remote viewers" AKA psychic spies which , lasted from 1972 until 1993 under various names and with varying levels of...


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Need to make the mind destroying awfulness of Project Monarch go down a little smoother? Try Project Monarch Bingo! Play along with us as you listen to #56 – Project Monarch Part II: Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory. From evil jesuits to nazis and hunting humans for sport, it’s fun for... Read More

54 – The Black Knight Satellite

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Right now there is an object of unknown extraterrestrial origin in polar orbit around Earth transmitting signals to somewhere, something else. It's called the Black Knight satellite and it's been watching us for 13,000 years. Or so you'd be led to believ...