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68 – C.W. Leadbeater Part I: The Man Who Sold the World

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Well, we're doing it. This week we're starting a monster of a series on a real piece of work named C.W. Leadbeater, who is, unfortunately, one of the absolute most influential and important people in Western occultism and spirituality. Leadbeater was a t...

54 – The Black Knight Satellite

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Right now there is an object of unknown extraterrestrial origin in polar orbit around Earth transmitting signals to somewhere, something else. It's called the Black Knight satellite and it's been watching us for 13,000 years. Or so you'd be led to believ...

53 – Project Chameleo

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Have you ever thought that your neighbors might be acting a little stranger than normal? That your house suddenly appeared bigger on the inside than the outside?  That invisible dwarves were following you on your madcap escape from various intelligence a...

52 – The Saint Germain Foundation

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It's time to catch up with our favorite villainous magicians. Between 1934 and 1939 Guy and Edna Ballard brainwashed and robbed blind upwards to a million Americans through the "'I AM' Religious Activity" using hypnosis, parlor tricks, force of will, and...

51 – Ted Rice & The Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

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This week we're bringing you a classic tale of aliens guiding a man named Ted Rice on his life's journey from rising in the ranks as a young professional at an exclusive Idaho resort to living in a trailer in Shreveport, Louisiana with a cat named grandm...