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51 – Ted Rice & The Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

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This week we’re bringing you a classic tale of aliens guiding a man named Ted Rice on his life’s journey from rising in the ranks as a young professional at an exclusive Idaho resort to living in a trailer in Shreveport, Louisiana with a cat named grandma and yelling at lizard people. Ted Rice was a UFO experiencer since childhood, but coming from a psychic and spiritualist paradigm Ted didn’t realize he might be dealing with aliens until much later in life with the help of his new age book club and a hypnotherapist named Barbara Bartholic. And if you’ve followed us, you know the Nonsense Bazaar has strong opinions on both those subjects. This story has it all, and a lot of it: hypno-regression, spiritualism, haunted houses, spirit guides, shadowy people and strange coincidences. And lots of weird alien abductee incidents. It’s bizarre, it’s disturbing, it’s dense, it’s Ted Rice.

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