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53 – Project Chameleo

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Have you ever thought that your neighbors might be acting a little stranger than normal? That your house suddenly appeared bigger on the inside than the outside?  That invisible dwarves were following you on your madcap escape from various intelligence agencies out to ruin your life, specifically? Well you might, unfortunately, be entirely correct. This week we’re looking at Robert Guffey’s book Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security, an entirely bizarre and perhaps completely accurate account of what happens when the military industrial complex decides to test out their fancy new future-tech gadgets on you. We’ve got heroin soaked flop-houses, stolen night-vision goggles, invisible dwarves, invisible Jeeps, invisible robots, esoteric Freemasonry, and more than one food fight. All this and more as we unpack the quite possibly real Project Chameleo.

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