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41 – Dimensional Breach in the Paris Catacombs

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In 2020, a person armed with a flashlight, 4 cans of beans, two bottles of water, a bandolier of vials containing turpentine, blood, and holy water, and no extra batteries allegedly entered the Catacombs of Paris to seal a “dimensional breach” they were led to believe was the source of all the world’s misery as well as the voices in their head. They were never heard from again. This week, we’re putting on our detective caps and looking into the story of Reddit user u/snappedfingers and the dimensional breach beneath Paris. Is it just some troll’s creative writing project? Or is it a case of anonymous trolls pushing a fragile person into extremely dangerous delusion? Or could there actually be a hell portal underneath Paris? Probably not, but you never know.  

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