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34 – Alien Love Bites

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Have you ever had a romance that seemed almost fated, where supernatural events and strange occurrences led up to your meeting? As if some force beyond human comprehension was directing events, from those first butterflies in your stomach to the inevitable heartbreak? Maybe it’s not your fault, and maybe you aren’t a failure as a person and a lover. Maybe it’s aliens. 

This week we’re taking a look at two books by therapist Eve Lorgen: Alien Love Bites and the follow-up The Dark Side of Cupid. Despite the easy jokes, Lorgen is a discerning researcher who’s spent decades helping people with really weird romantic problems, which she calls “anomalous trauma.” From alien abductions and hybrid pregnancies to malicious and psychotic spirit guides, we take a look at a few very strange, compelling, and utterly ridiculous cases, and put off taking responsibility for ourselves for yet another blessed day.

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