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54 – The Black Knight Satellite

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Right now there is an object of unknown extraterrestrial origin in polar orbit around Earth transmitting signals to somewhere, something else. It’s called the Black Knight satellite and it’s been watching us for 13,000 years. Or so you’d be led to believe if you hung out in the same dumb places on the internet that we do. The Black Knight is some of the lowest hanging fruit of UFO conspiracy theories, but it’s also truly weird. See, the Black Knight is an example of truly emergent folklore. It doesn’t come from one place and no one has a good answer for how it came to be named “Black Knight”. The origins of the myth go back as far as 1899 with Nikola Tesla losing his mind over weird radio signals and from there involve amateur Norwegian radio engineers, a Scottish science fiction writer, a literal wet blanket, and a very real cold war government cover-up.  Weirder still, there might just be a hint of ancient alien evidence buried deep under all the nonsense. 

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