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105 – Dr. Andrija Puharich Part I: The Spookiest Bastard in America

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Psychic powers, mind control, mushrooms, the richest old ladies there’s ever been, chemical and psychological warfare, Uri Geller, psychic healing, UFOs, the Dutch, you name it, this story quite literally has it all. We’re finally doing it and starting our portrait of the man at the dark heart American high strangeness: Dr Andrija Puharich. While sometimes lionized as a maverick scientist who tried to legitimize parapsychology, Andrija Puharich was much, much more than that. While founding the Round Table Foundation, a parapsychology research lab in Maine that boasted members like former Vice President Henry Wallace, Puharich worked on chemical and psychological warfare research at Edgewood Arsenal, was involved with CIA’s projects MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE, “discovered” Uri Geller, talked to spaceships, Hawaiian fire gods, “ancient Egyptian” deities, lied his ass off, and invented some potentially extremely sinister psychotronic medical implants. And yet, he’s virtually unknown outside the real weird end of the pool. So what gives? Who was this man? What did he really get up to? It turns out all of those questions are much, much harder than they should be. So join us as we begin our unraveling of the mystery that is Andrija Puharich.

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