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31 – NESARA: Saint Germain‘s Infinite Money Cheat Code

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To bid farewell to the ascended masters, we’re talking about the dumbest, largest, and most terrifyingly prevalent conspiracy theory we’ve ever heard of: NESARA/GESARA and Saint Germain’s World Trust. Combining masters, space saviors, aliens, 9/11, financial scams, and complete ignorance of what numbers are, the NESARA conspiracy theory alleges that a bill was passed in secret in 2001 which, among other things, outlaws all debt, income tax and the United States Government as a whole, sends lawyers to re-education camps, and makes all the good people of the world (read that as you will) multi-millionaires thanks to the “world trust” set up by, yep, Saint Germain. This world trust, it is claimed, holds 1 quattuordecillion dollars (that’s a 1 with 45 zeroes behind it), and any day now…any day now…it’s coming to you. Also, an old friend stops by with some words of wisdom. All this and more on episode 31 – NESARA.  

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