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56 – Project Monarch Part II: Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory

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On part II of Project Monarch we learn about the man from whose dumb noggin this whole CIA sex slave nonsense sprang: Fritz Springmeir, a wannabe Christian terrorist and all around piece-of-work. Fritz is anouther one who claims to be an ex-intelligence agent now deprogramming Monarch slaves, and even published a helpful manual outlining just how the mind control programming works. We also see how another real winner named David Icke helped perpetuate the Project Monarch meme. So if you were wondering if the lizard people have anything to do with this, they certainly do. We then check in on how the Project Monarch conspiracy theory is doing in the modern age.  This episode has lots of Nazis, bad fathers, babies boiled in urine, the royal family all sorts of stuff. It’s weird and gross and still deeply uncomfortable. So to help the medicine go down, we play Project Monarch Bingo. And you can too! You can find your very own Project Monarch bingo cards on our website and the link is below. It’s fun for the whole family!


Project Monarch bingo cards

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