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61 – Interlude: The UFOs Are Driving Us Insane

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This week we’re doing one of those episodes where we take a deep breath and try to unpack an absurd rabbit hole we fell down. And by deep breath we mean breathless ranting about conspiracy theories and absolutely massacring facts. See, after our psychic spy series we realized there’s this whole insane and deeply disturbing web of lore behind the government’s involvement with the paranormal. And not the surface level UFO lore either. It turns out that a ton of the people involved in the remote viewing program were involved in quite a lot of other things as well, including but certainly not limited to To The Stars, the Tom DeLonge joint. From there we get led to Air Force intelligence psy-ops surrounding Dulce Base and Paul Bennewitz, then back to mind control experiments, from there ever-onwards to channeled entities who kind of sound suspiciously like some old friends, and then, well, we end up right back at To The Stars. All of which will make for some great episodes in the future, but this week we needed space to just give an overview of what we’re looking at and get a lot of things very, very wrong before doing these stories right. 

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