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71 – The Benadryl Episode: A Trip to Eiriel

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Would it alarm you to learn that in every medicine cabinet in America there lurks a powerful hallucinogenic drug? A drug in the same class of chemicals as datura and amanita muscaria mushrooms which not only sends the user into a bizarre and terrifying nightmare realm of shadow people and time loops, but causes a severe over reaction of the fight-or-flight response and removes your ability to calm yourself, and can cause kidney failure and early onset dementia? Would it further alarm you to know that this incredibly powerful and dangerous anticholinergic has seen recent popularity among the nation’s youth through the “Benadryl challenge” on TikTok? It should. It should definitely alarm you. This is sheer madness. This week we’re looking at some trip reports from people who have eaten far too much Benadryl for incredibly stupid reasons. We find out what happens when you’re tripping balls on a deliriant at high school, how to get to a realm of the dead named “Eiriel”, and learn about one bright young scientist who mixed Benadryl with datura in his shamanic journey to have sex with a shadow person. More than anything, we ask the question “what has gone so wrong in our world that the kids don’t even do real drugs any more?” 

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