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76 – The Saint Germain Foundation II

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Well, we’re back here again: the I AM Activity, Saint Germain, Mt Shasta,  interdimensional vampires, Nazis, mind control, you know, that old chestnut. If you’re not familiar with the The Nonsense Bazaar’s Saint Germain lore, go back and listen to episodes 23, 24, and 52, otherwise this is going to make absolutely zero sense. If you are familiar, we’re sorry but this needs to be done. As we know, the Saint Germain Foundation is the modern heir to the truly evil legacy left behind by Guy and Edna Ballard. We’ve been looking at the SGF for over a year now and wondering just what are they up to? They own hundreds of properties all across the world, including a giant compound or two, do zero apparent recruiting, and besides their very strange public pageants (rituals) there isn’t really any sign of life. Meanwhile, I AM doctrine is seemingly driving more and more people insane than ever. It’s a situation fertile for wild speculation and paranoia. But recently we came upon a series of videos posted by someone who claims to have been initiated into the Saint Germain Foundation and who corroborates all of our most paranoid and private speculation. Mind control, black magic, spirit possession, and a conspiracy to enslave the world under the Ascended Masters, who are allegedly evil interdimensional godlike entities. It’s absolutely insane and under any other circumstance would be disregarded entirely. And yet, not only does it completely track with our private (and stoned) speculation, it ties into many of the other stories we’ve covered as well. Weirder still, the parts of this person’s story we’ve been able to verify do check out. What on Earth is happening here?

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