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79 – Halloween Spooky Spectacular II: Tales From The Haunted Forest

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Happy Halloween! It’s the spookiest time of the year so we figured we’d talk about the paranormal phenomenon we actually never talk about on our show, but which we have the most personal experiences with: ghosts! Or things that have been called ghosts! Whatever they are, we crack open some fine IPAs and tell some ghost stories, from our own lives and from the towns we grew up in. Including but not limited to: The Ram Tail Factory, Rhode Island’s only officially haunted location (according to the government…sort of), the “Lost Village of Voices” (which may have spoke through Willow’s childhood ventriloquist dummy), orbs, forest spirits, Lovecraft, and much, much more. We also realize that between the two of us, we’ve actually had a fair amount of run-ins with the unexplained. Who’d have thought? Enjoy!

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