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93 – Gaia TV: An Introduction

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Gaia TV, the self-styled “Netflix of spirituality,” hosts a wide range of content from yoga videos to ancient aliens to 5D Ascension to Iceland-is-the-pineal-gland-of-the-Earth. And throw in some sovereign citizen stuff about the real reason for the American civil war just for good measure. It’s a lot. And we reference Gaia quite a bit, without ever thinking for a moment “hey, maybe our audience isn’t as irreparably broken as we are.” So we wanted to give an introduction to the mind-melting juggernaut that is Gaia. We take a look at some of the truly unbelievable content that Gaia pushes out, look at the corporate history, what some disgruntled former employees have to say, and concoct some theories of our own. 

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