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Jane Lead, Prophetess of God Part I: The Mystic Awakens

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We’re turning back the hands of time to 17th-century England to learn about the eccentricities of post-Reformation life and Jane Lead’s spiritual metamorphosis from rich girl to old blind weirdo. Learn how she journeyed from her Norfolk upbringing to marry her cousin and eventually become a conduit of Sophia, the mysterious embodiment of divine wisdom herself. She was inspired by the enigmatic teachings of Jakob Böhme and the Behemenists. Join us, as we uncover the unconventional path of a woman who dared to explore the divine and wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. 

Come back next week to learn about the Philadelphian Society, a small radical sect headed by Jane, and all the shady rumors about murder and mountain troll gold that surrounded it!

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