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Hello friends, and welcome to The Nonsense Bazaar!

The Nonsense Bazaar is a weekly podcast in which Sequoyah Kennedy and Willow Truman hurl themselves headlong into the spooky without a care for their mental or physical wellbeing. Covering cults, conspiracies, consciousness, and con artistry, mysteries, magick, myths, and madness, Willow and Sequoyah invite YOU to join them on their fated journey to somewhere.

Have you ever:

  • been accosted late at night by glowing blue orbs?
  • met a strange man in the forest offering you a creamy liquid?
  • had your significant other possessed by alien parasites?
  • said “fuck the tax man!” and fled the country on a pirate boat?
  • joined a facist hippie death cult?

The Nonsense Bazaar is here to help maybe!