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100 – The Bomb

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We made it to 3 entire digits! And to celebrate…we’re talking about the history of the hydrogen bomb. Because what says celebration like the explosive power of 500 Super Walmarts stacked 6ft high with TNT, hanging like the sword of Damocles over our heads each and every day? When most people think of nuclear weapons they think of the bombs dropped at the end of WWII, and while most are aware that the weapons humanity has now make the atomic bomb look like a water balloon, we’re not sure most people really feel what that means. The hydrogen bomb is, more or less, on a scale incomprehensible to the human mind. It is a device of true cosmic horror that changed the world and continues to warp reality through its mere being. And this week we’re looking at the decisions (or lack thereof) after the second World War that led to the development of the thermonuclear bomb, the characters involved like Edward Teller the most hateable man in physics, what exactly happened when we set a couple of those suckers off (like right next to where a whole bunch of people lived who had no idea what was going to happen), and we try to answer the question of why exactly this monster was developed. Did it need to be? Could it have been avoided? Or was it inevitable?


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