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[Patreon Unlock] The Corkboard Bizarre #7 – Encounters With The Easter Bunny and Richard Doty

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I wanted to do a remaster episode or two this week, but apparently my backup game is simply weak. So you’re getting another Corkboard. Next week I might talk about UFOs while I drink whiskey If I can figure out what I even want to say other than like a muffled sob-scream. I can’t wait to get back to regular episodes. 

This week on the Corkboard, Willow auditions a new theme song, we learn about the seemingly common phenomenon of encountering the Easter Bunny, and we pop over to Gaia tv to find out what fresh hell they’re pumping out now. It’s Richard Doty talking about time portals on Cosmic Disclosure. That’s the fresh hell they’re pumping out. 




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