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103 – The Kybalion

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Get your robes and that old pharaoh costume you bought while drunk at Spirit Halloween that one time, because today we’re talking about one of the, unfortunately, most well known books in the entire spooky pantheon: The Kybalion. Check any reddit thread of people wondering where to begin their magical, wonderous journey into the terrible world of occultism and chances are the sentence “I already have The Kybalion” will be in there somewhere. Purporting to be the secrets of Hermetic magic handed down from Hermes Trismegistus, master to student, from the dawn of time all the way to the so-called “Three Initiates”, The Kybalion is one of the more egregious examples of just-kinda-sayin’-stuff. But what is Hermeticism? What makes The Kybalion fake hermeticism? And are the three initiates just three kids in a trench coat? These are the questions we’re going to try and answer.

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