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58 – America’s Psychic Spies Part II: Galactic Barbeque

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It’s part two of the bizarre story of American psychic spying. This week we learn about some of the actual operational remote viewing conducted by the second group of psychic spies at the Fort Meade army base in Maryland. From 1975 until the mid 1980s, the psychics at SRI and Fort Meade used the GRILL FLAME remote viewers when there was actual stakes on on the line. Or steaks on the grill, if you prefer. We learn about Joe McMoneagle, who would take up Pat Price’s mantle as the super-psychic in the program and was awarded the Legion of Merit for correctly viewing the Soviet mega-submarine as it was being constructed, months before anyone outside the Soviet bloc ever set eyes on it or believed it existed. We also learn about psychic interrogation against a KGB agent in South Africa using implanted intrusive thoughts and guilt trips, and we see how Ingo Swann become the disco-writing Jedi master he was born to be.  All this and much more as the actually true story of the remote viewing program continues. 

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