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72 – CCRU, Hyperstition, Nick Land, Accelerationism, and the Lemurian Time War

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This week we’re taking a look and what happens when you mix theosophy with postmodernism, and philosophy with a diet of dried ramen noodles and amphetamine. CCRU was an experimental counter-culture literature club turned full occultist who discovered “hyperstitions”, fictions that create a feedback loop which results in the actualization of the fictions into reality. They lose their minds in a firestorm of amphetamine psychosis and the absolute nonsense that is academic philosophy. The head of CCRU was a dude named Nick Land, the so-called father of accelerationism, a philosophy which advocates taking the breaks off capitalism and letting it spin itself into the sweet annihilation and absorption of humanity into a hyper-intelligent grey goo of Capital itself. We also talk about the Lemurian Time War. It’s a lot. This one almost broke us. 


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