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77 – Mission Rahma

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Flying hamburgers! Flying bananas! Nerds in the jungle! Lots and lots of chanting! And more UFOs than you can shake a stick at! This week we’re telling the story of the Rahma Mission, the Peruvian UFO movement/group/not-a-religion-but-verging-on-that-territory started by Sixto Paz Wells in 1974. Through automatic writing, Sixto made contact with the space-brothers on their mining base on Ganymede. The space-brothers told him and his friends where and when to walk off into the desert if they wanted to see some UFOs. And sure enough, the flying hamburgers showed up. In the years that followed, the group would develop a “Human Initiated Contact” ritual to summon UFOs, grow to be an international phenomenon, and a whole host of weird stuff would start to happen.

News broadcast on the Rahma Mission:

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