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112 – The Bodysnatchers: A Very Real Alien Conspiracy

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Join us on today’s episode as we enter the confusing world of Susan Reed, a woman who was drawn into a web of extraterrestrial intrigue and danger, as detailed in her revealing book, ‘The Body Snatchers: A Real Alien Conspiracy.’ Her saga started innocently in a Spanish class where she met Brian, a host for interdimensional reptilian entities, and culminated in a questionable pilgrimage to meet John of God, the disgraced psychic surgeon in Brazil. But here’s the question that lingers as we delve into Reed’s life and the disturbing truths she unveiled: Was her mysterious death in 2009 an unfortunate accident, a desperate escape, or something more sinister tied to the alien menace she feared?


Note: Apparently some audio drivers weren’t playing nice or needed updating or something and there are some pops and crackles throughout this episode. You might not even notice them had I not said anything. But I am ashamed and I’ll do better next time. -S

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