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116 – Aum Shinrikyo Part II: The Guru’s Love

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Look, we warned you it was going to get bad. Following their totally unpredictable complete loss in the parliamentary election and the murder of the Sakamoto family, Shoko Asahara and Aum Shinrikyo begin the full-on militarization process that would ultimately lead to the 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attacks. But we’re not there yet. First they need to experiment with other chemical and biological weapons, like botulism and anthrax. We also learn about how Aum got huge in Russia all in an attempt to buy weapons of mass destruction following the collapse of the Soviet Union, how Aum started making LSD, learned how to wipe people’s memories with electricity, and the absolute horror show that was the Aum hospital. And much, too much more. It’s not good. None of this is good. 

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