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89 – The Monroe Institute Revisited

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We’re getting weird with it this week as we return to one of our favorite subjects: The Monroe Institute. The Monroe Institute uses audio signals to facilitate Out-Of-Body experiences, remote viewing, and other parapsychological phenomena. Mostly known as a vital, if goofy, component of the CIA/DIA psychic spy program (STARGATE et al) due to that document that gets passed around on the internet every 6 months like clockwork about the Monroe Institute’s Gateway Experience,  the Monroe Institute and Bob Monroe himself are far more interesting than any “How The CIA Proved Manifesting” video will ever lead you to believe. This week we’re looking at the TMI’s technology itself, some of the scientific (as in, peer reviewed) studies of their patented hemi-sync audio technology. Then we’re going really weird with it and talking about the time they remote viewed Mars, and listening to recordings of a channeling session with something called “Miranon”. Which might be the strangest thing we’ve covered so far. 


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