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26 – Church Universal and Triumphant Part II: Guru Ma‘s Nuclear Sleepover

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In the conclusion to our series on Church Universal and Triumphant, Elizabeth Clare Prophet suddenly in control of the organization after the sudden death of Mark Prophet (now known as ascended master Lanello). Changing their name from Summit Lighthouse to Church Universal and Triumphant (it’s a tax evasion thing), CUT only grows bigger, more influential, and more dangerous as Elizabeth struggles with the realities of inheriting someone else’s cult as a true believer. This, of course, leads to the purchase of a 12,000 acre ranch in Montana, the stockpiling of guns and ammunition, and building an enormous fallout shelter to weather the nuclear Armageddon prophesized to end the world in March, 1990.  Also, eating garlic scares the angels away.   

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