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132 – Journey to Grand Tartaria

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Did you know that all of history is nothing but a bald faced lie? That the entire generally accepted arc of history has been fabricated to keep you, dear listener, from realizing your God-given birthright to fancy architecture, free energy and flying turtles? That there used to be a globe-spanning supercivilization with magic sound technology, strong jaws, and craftsmanship and artistry that we can’t even come close to approximating in this fallen age of ours? And did you know that the evidence of this great, wonderful, and “fun, fun, fun loving” civilization is quite literally all around us? And unlike the Atlanteans and Lemurians, this lost globe spanning supercivilization with free energy technology was destroyed not thousands of years ago…but in 1850. Friends, welcome to the dumbest show on Earth. Welcome to Tartaria. 

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