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23 -The I AM Activity Part 1: Saint Germain‘s Cup of Cream

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We begin our look at Guy and Edna Ballard and the I AM Activity who coined the term “Ascended Master” and, although only active for the last half of the 1930’s, gained upwards to a million followers, made tens of millions of dollars, and drove their followers insane with a technicolor barrage of paranoia and easy, meaningless answers to life’s hardest questions. Oh yeah, they were also literal fascists whose stated goal was to overthrow the United States Government. And you’ve probably never heard of them. In part one, we look at the early life of Guy (AKA Godfre Ray King), Edna (AKA Lotus Ray King), and the “dream child” Donald, learn about Guy’s meeting with Saint Germain on Mount Shasta, and how they used legitimate occult knowledge and a stolen army of Nazi hype-men to birth a monster that still plagues us to this day. 

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