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29 – The Ashtar Command

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In 1977, a mysterious voice took over the TV news broadcast across southern England. This voice claimed to be Vrilon of the Ashtar Command, a group of higher dimensional beings which include Lord Sananda (space Jesus) and Ashtar Sheran, and serve as the “Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood.” Yep. But this wasn’t the first time the world met the Ashtar Command or the space brothers. It wasn’t even the first broadcast the Ashtar Command interrupted. In this episode we trace the history of the Ashtar Command, the sexy space heroes you channel if you’re too groovy for the ascended masters, from its beginnings in the 40’s with a German, an aircraft mechanic, and a dynamite mishap all the way to TikTok. That’s right we’re going to space and TikTok. Enjoy!


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