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69 -C.W. Leadbeater Part II: A Few Good Theosophists

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On part II of our Leadbeater series, it’s the most anticlimactic courtroom drama there’s ever been! We pick up the story of Leadbeater’s rise to become one of the most influential occultists of all time right after the death of HPB and we see how Leadbeater ingratiates himself with the new president of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant. We cover Leadbeater and Besant’s “investigations” of “occult chemistry” and thought forms, Leadbeater’s ridiculous travelogue of the astral plane (and what he found there), and how Leadbeater’s relentless and constant speaking tours catapulted him to the theosophical spotlight and worldwide superstardom. And then a letter shows up accusing Leadbeater of all sorts of truly awful things from which Leadbeater has to defend himself in court. But not just any court, no no no. This is Theosophical court. Which means it’s real stupid. 


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