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55 – Project Monarch Part I: Uncle Ronnie’s Bedtime Stories

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This one’s a doozy, folks. We begin our look at the alleged mind controlled sex slaves of “Project Monarch” by digging in to Cathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation in America, co-authored with her husband Mark Phillips. Cathy alleges that, with the hypnotic help of her husband Mark, she recovered memories of her time in an MK ULTRA subproject in which she was turned in a mind controlled sex slave and victimized by lots and lots of presidents and forced to put American flags in all sorts of places. It’s a bit ridiculous. Ok it’s extremely ridiculous. But maybe this ridiculous story does have an actual, no-fooling monster in it. Who are Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien? And why did they convince other women that they too were mind-controlled sex slaves for the CIA and that they needed to go live with Mark and Cathy in Alaska so Mark could “recover their memories”? All this and much, much more. We’re sorry and you’re welcome. 

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