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75 – NLP: Scumbag Magic That Works!

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This week we’re talking about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the system of brain reprogramming that will allow you too to have a mind as clean and efficient as a hotel conference room in Miami circa 1986. It’ll win you friends, lovers, cure every disease known to man, and evidently let you get away with murder. All without ever really developing a personality. NLP is, essentially, a system of magic, that came out of the Human Potential Movement of the 1970s. Developed by linguist John Grinder and psychology student/cocaine enthusiast Richard Bandler as the result of modeling the techniques used by unusually successful clinical psychologists, NLP has become extremely influential in the world of self-help. In this episode we talk about the basis for NLP and how it’s supposed to work. And then we tell a story about how Richard Bandler probably got away with murder.  

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