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95 – Michael Aquino’s MindWar

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It’s time to talk about the man, the myth, the eyebrows Col. Michael Aquino. One of the longtime devils of conspiracy culture, Michael Aquino was an Army PSYOP officer, a Satanist who started his own religion after talking to the Egyptian God set, a goth edgelord of tremendous proportions, a favorite target of satanic panic accusations (which included such totally believable incidents of satanic ritual abuse as “poo-poo baseball”) and a military and political theorist whose concept of MindWar has terrified the paranoid element of society for decades. And it’s this latter part of Aquino’s whole deal that we’re focusing on today. It’s not what we thought it was when we decided to look into it. Was Michael Aquino a sinister, satanic architect of the New World Order? Or was he a Vietnam veteran, haunted by his experience who wanted to make sure it never happened again? At the very least, he was a deeper character than he usually gets credit for. And a huge nerd.


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