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36 – Journal of an Alien Abductee; or, The Iniquity of Doctor Jacobs

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This week we’re taking a look at a currently unfolding modern day alien abduction case. AJ is a young woman experiencing “classic” symptoms of alien abduction and currently posting about it on Gab. So we made some burner accounts and got the scoop. While it’s clear that AJ has certainly experienced something horrible, what’s even more frightening is the “support structure” she’s found herself surrounded by. A support structure which has her wearing a chastity belt, a leather motorcycle hat, and stilettos to bed to fend off the aliens trying to make AJ a part of their secret ongoing hybrid breeding program. Chief among the people responsible for this is Doctor David Jacobs (surprise, he’s not a medical doctor), a retired historian well known for his hypnotic regression sessions with alleged alien abductees.  This leads us to wonder: how many of these alien abduction cases are, in-fact, implanted memories by amateur hypnotists seeking evidence for a presupposed conclusion? And isn’t that one of the most awful things you can imagine? It’s a weird episode to round out a weird year. Strap in.

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